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New In The 2023 Market Guides

2023 Grocery Distribution Analysis & Guide

2022 has been the “super change year.” Even through increased job rating, raging weather, bird flu, the slowing of Covid-19, etc. the largest disruption has been Inflation. Which has affected the Fresh Grocery, meat and the dairy industry, causing people to rethink their grocery budgets.

Brand name verses store brand, different cuts of meat verses prime cut, pre-cut veggies to whole. Are we going back to the 1950"s-1970's...sometimes it feels like it especially if you have purchased a stove lately where one has to add water in the oven to clean, then scrub. Tech industry excluded of course.

The Grocery and Drug Store industry alike have refocused back to the basics. People... What do “they” want:

“Great service, Convenience, closer proximity and FAST purchase shopping experiences.”

That is where the Tech, AI, drones, cashier-less check outs, scan and walk out stores, robotic warehouses have been players. Yet despite all of these things online ordering and pick up has increased while online delivery has declined.

Building smaller locations, relocation, remodels and new warehouses continue growth, the carry of products in need per neighborhood varies greatly but is becoming one of the New highlights of all this chaois.

Yet despite all of these things E-commerce delivery is dropping. Order Online and pick up is increasing.

Competition is rising among the smaller grocery and larger companies. Smaller companies have joined/created “ co-op” opportunities with wholesalers for members to save. Many have closed stores to survive. Wholesalers continue to create web sites for many of the smaller stores or have constructed/purchased new warehouse locations for better distribution.

Grocery Highlights

These are just a few of the items you will see in out 2023 Edition.

  • Kroger-Albertson Merger... the largest highlight of the year, should it happen? We have to wait and see.

  • ALdi is the fastest to grow with 150 plus stores this year, and 20 in the SE and will open another warehouse to accommodate them. And they continue to rapidly build new stores. And continue to rapidly build new stores.

  • Kingswood Capital acquired Save Mart in CA..

  • Grocery Outlet to expand into the East, opening stores in PA and MD.

  • Price Chopper/Market 32 merged with Tops Market. Tops renovations continue.

  • Trader Joes and Sprouts continue to move along, slowly opening new stores as healthy eating continues to dominate the news.

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club expands their store count and increase sales by almost 10%.

  • SpartanNash purchased Shop n Shop.

  • AHOLD forecasts in the 3Qtr an 8.9% increase. Food Lion partners with Novant Health for healthy eating.

  • H-E-B continues its growth increase into the first Qtr. of 2023.

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2023 Drug Store Distribution Analysis & Guide

The retail drug industry is highly competitive and dynamic. Drug stores/chains still have the same issues as grocery stores, distribution, shortage of pharmacists, AI, Tech, etc. All while meeting government regulations.

Retail pharmacy are comprised of the operations of retail drugstores, health and wellness services, specialty and home delivery pharmacy services rely on the government and third parties to survive. They need to continue to focus on omnichannel service to succeed and let the pharmaceutical companies multichannel.

The Drug Store Industry who are maintaining their strength are investing in local clinics, worldwide diversification, acquisitions of smaller chains, insurance companies, healthcare companies and doctor offices while entering emerging markets worldwide through diversification.. Covid-19 Shots, Flu shots, etc. are huge incentives for new clinics, doctor inter-action and acquisition/merge into more grocery store pharmacy locations.

Drug Store Highlights

These are the leaders in the field

  • Walgreens is getting ready to complete two acquisitions this year, Summit Healthcare by Village MD’s and Care Centrix a home care company. Along with continue work with AmerisourceBergen to create better bargaining power for the cost of drugs. Created over 137 Billion dollars in sales and has over 8,886 locations in the US.

  • CVS has increased retail sales due to their purchase of Target pharmacy locations a few years back and have invested in Aetna Insurance, which will finalize in 2023. While focusing on HealthHub clinics. LTC, and people they are focused on omnichannel service. CVS has over 9,000 locations in the US.

  • Walmart continues to grow Sam Club locations opening another 30 locations over the next two years.

  • Amazon uses omnichannel to sell prescriptions, transitions/new concepts of stores.

Smaller Drug stores are closing, selling or surviving relying on customer loyalty to sell their products.

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We Are Significantly Different Than Others

We do not use the same dollar sales figure for each store owned by a chain. Using Kroger as an example, we know that the sales of a Fred Meyer Store are significantly higher than the sales of a Jay C store. Therefore, it does not make sense to use the average sales per store of the total Kroger Company for each of these two widely different retail brands, and for all the other Kroger stores and Kroger brands.

We Update And Evaluate Each Company Every Year

We obtain information from a variety of sources, including, but not limited to retailers, wholesalers, the Internet, local market sources, trade associations, and trade media.

Television Coverage

We list the source of television coverage for each Metropolitan and Micropolitan area. This provides an easy and logical way to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of local television advertising.

Market Statistics On An Index Basis

The figures in this section are on an index basis and show how the market compares to the National Average on a per capita basis (U.S. average equals 100) for selected categories. The figures are projections from U.S. census figures and are provided for informational use only. They cannot be projected into accurate dollar sales figures for any metro area or TV market.

Indexed By Metro Areas Or TV Markets

This is an alphabetical listing of each company in the GUIDE, showing every Metro Area and TV market in which the company has stores. Through the use of this index a subscriber can see how wide a distribution gap is if a retailer does not carry his product. Use this Link to see a sample of this Index: Index of Companies Sample Page

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Grocery Stores (2023)Drug Stores (2023)